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Stylish Chandelier Light Wall Sticker

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This Stylish Chandelier Light Wall Sticker is available in the following sizes:
S - 55cm(H) x 30cm(W)
M - 65cm(H) x 40cm(W)
L - 77cm(H) x 45cm(W)
In Stock
  • la21-1
  • la21-2
  • la21-3
  • la21-4

Our stylish Chandelier Light wall sticker features this iconic ornament in a striking silhouette form, showcasing its graceful curves.  If your house has a beautiful element you’d like to draw attention to, position this decal nearby to draw in the stares.  Alternatively, place it near your antiquities as a style enhancer.  Wall stickers require very little commitment of either time or money, they take minutes to put up and cost far less than hiring a mural painter.   If you like to redecorate regularly don’t worry, our design will not harm your paint work when removed.  We have plenty of colour choices and a selection of three sizes in each decal.

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