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Giant Wall Stickers

Sports fans well know the power of Fatheads, which are giant wall stickers of players from virtually all popular sports. The walls of gamerooms and “man caves” the world over are resplendent with favorite players from football or basketball leagues. Home decorators have long known the value and aesthetic allure of wall stickers. Why spend a fortune for a skilled artist when a wall sticker can easily give a wall the desired effect while costing much less?

Cat wall stickers or decals are just one of the more “purr-fect” examples of this trend. Kittens at play, a cat considering a leap into a tree, or the baleful glare from a Siamese — these are only a few cat wall stickers that are on the market.

Let us imagine a homeowner anxious to decorate her home for Halloween festivities. Unlike her dowdy neighbours, she wants to decorate with a flair of originality. Rather than simply hanging a dusty skeleton from her door frame, she finds just the right wall sticker of a black cat, looking straight out at delightfully terrified guests! Like something from a story by Edgar Allan Poe or Clive Barker, there’s that malignant black beastie, larger than life, glaring from the wall like a sleepless sentinel. This is the kind of atmosphere the right wall sticker or decal can provide to a home. Plus, the practicality in wall stickers is exciting, for they can be moved, repositioned or taken down as the home decorator sees fit.

Judging by the number and varieties of wall stickers available to purchase, the only limit to these items is the buyer’s own imagination. There are the aforementioned sports themed varieties and the varieties created from actual photographs or reprints of artwork. If a mother is searching for novel and eyecatching way to decorate a child’s room, look no farther than wall stickers for the exact image that could set off the room with just the right mood of playfulness or soothing influence. All manner of natural images, favorite pets, fantasy characters, or man-made structures can be found as a giant wall sticker.

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