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Dandelion Flowers Wall Sticker

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This Dandelion Flowers Wall Sticker is available in the following sizes:
S - Tallest flower 80cm x 30cm
M - Tallest flower 110cm x 40cm
L - Tallest flower 132cm x 50cm
In Stock
  • fl51-1
  • fl51-2
  • fl51-3
  • fl51-4

This pretty Dandelion Flowers wall sticker features a trio of blooms; these can be arranged as you wish, closer together, or with some distance in between depending on your preference.   When you are deciding on a configuration planning is all, lay the decals on a flat surface or even the floor to establish what appeals to you, before committing the design to your wall.  You can also experiment with colour; we have many available for each graphic and a choice of three sizes.  This allows every customer to create a bespoke piece for their wall with each order.

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