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Wolf Howling Wall Sticker

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This Wolf Howling Wall Sticker is available in the following sizes:
S - 60cm(H) x 40cm(W)
M - 70cm(H) x 50cm(W)
L - 87cm(H) x 62cm(W)
In Stock
  • ra95-1
  • ra95-2
  • ra95-3

Animal prints have always been a strong influence for interior designers, to follow the trend in a subtle way you can use our Wolf Howling wall sticker.  It is a minimalist graphic that will show off your affection for these wild and magnificent creatures, without taking over the room.  In darker colours this image can appear foreboding, but remember that choosing lighter shades will change the effect markedly. He will look great in any room or hallway of your home and is a no-fuss alternative to hanging more expensive framed art.  We have three sizes in each of our decals and a variety of shades.

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