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Flying Falcon Wall Sticker

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This Flying Falcon Wall Sticker is available in the following sizes:
S - 55cm(H) x 30cm(W)
M - 85cm(H) x 40cm(W)
L - 110cm(H) x 55cm(W)
In Stock
  • bi20-1
  • bi20-2
  • bi20-3
  • bi20-4

Soaring into view, this majestic Flying Falcon Wall Sticker will make an instant impact on your interior design.  From the curve of his feathers to the hook of his beak, this is a detailed and stylised graphic, filled with natural world grace.  You can select this decal in a huge range of colours, from more muted shades to brighter, bolder tones.   We also have three sizes available, so you are sure to get the right dimensions for your home.  Wall stickers are a mess-free solution to revamping rooms on a budget; you’ll get a hand painted finish at a fraction of the price.


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